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Great Torrington Almshouse Charity

In the UK almshouses can trace their existence back over 1000 years. Today there are over 1700 independent almhouse charities providing homes for around 35,000 residents.

The Almshouse in New Street are a special feature of the Trust’s care, providing 8 small flats in a listed building for qualifying residents. To qualify a person should be over 60 years old, have a limited or no income (over and above state benefits/pension) and have lived in Torrington for at least the last 12 months.

Charges are set at an economic level which includes lighting, heating, hot water and an emergency 24 hour call-out system. Although the flats are not warden controlled, Trustees visit the Almshouse on a regular basis to check that the residents are in good spirits and have no great worries or concerns. In addition residents can contact the Steward with any concerns they may have.

If you wish to enquire about an Almshouse flat please Contact Us