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A thank you email received from Great Torrington Silver Band:

‘We have started the replacement stair lift work for which the grant has been given by removing the old faulty stair lift and are waiting for the steps which have to be installed on the existing slope before the replacement stair lift can be fitted. On behalf of the Band thank you to the Trustees for their support for this project for this year’.


The Trustees awarded a grant to Little Frogs Pre School.

An update received from Little Frogs Pre School:

‘We have purchased resources for the pre school. I attach pictures of the role play area extension which is a versatile frame used for many purposes. In the past term we have had a shop and hospital. The children learn through role play and love to enter the adults world through pretend. We have also purchased smaller items such as the General hospital with helicopter, ambulances and small world figures. We have also purchased magnetic shapes, puzzles, Mr Potato heads and mathematics resources’.

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Grant for Marquee Tent - Update

We were lucky enough this year to have been awarded a grant which enabled us to purchase a Gala event marquee for our Scout Group. As a Group we have grown and therefore have more young members who wish to enjoy the fun of camping and being outdoors. Living in Devon, as you may know, the weather is often wet and windy which can be challenging for camping. Trying to keep everyone dry, cook and still have fun is a big factor to a happy camp. Having a new marquee for our camps means we have space for our young members to eat their meals and carry out other activities if the weather is not dry.

We have had out new tent now for 6 weeks and it has already been used twice.

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ADVANCE NOTICE – Distribution Day 2019

New Venue: Great Torrington Town & Community Hall
Date: Friday 6th December 2019
Time: 9.30am - 2pm

T: 01805 623517
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For many months our hospice nurses have needed a 4 x 4 vehicle, as over the winter months they have struggled to provide support to patients and their families, using their own cars. Thanks to the generous donation from the Torrington Town and Lands Charity of £3,000 we have been able to purchase a 4 x 4 vehicle. This vehicle will now allow our Clinical Nurse Specialists and Hospice to Home nurses to be able to visit patients and their families, in rural hard to reach places and during icy weather. In the last year we have made 4,821 visits to patient homes.

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The Trustees of the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity awarded a grant to the Tarka Valley Railway Group.

The Town & Lands Charity have received the following update:- “It has been a busy few months at the Tarka Valley Railway as with the assistance of grants such as the generous one from Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity, we have been able to purchase and lay track towards the first bridge towards Bideford, we have also installed a level crossing to ensure safe access is maintained for all. We are now working on restoring Ivy Cottage as well as raising funds for a "King Point" which will lead to the sidings”.

The Trustees of the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity awarded a grant to the Great Torrington Heritage Museum.

The Town & Lands Charity have received the following update:- “Attached are photos of museum frontage with figures of King Charles and Oliver Cromwell which was part of the grant we were generously given, we are very pleased with them, hopefully they will increase the visitors to the museum. The digitisation of the cassette tapes is ongoing”.

A thank you email received from Torridgeside Youth Football Club:

‘Thank you so much to the Trustees in agreeing to help us with a financial donation to obtain this ... it’s been a long season without a working mower and three pitches to maintain but it has finally arrived!’


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