Grant Update – the Crier

The Trustees of the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity awarded a grant to the Crier:

 The Town & Lands Charity have received the following update:-

 ‘The Crier is published 10 times a year and delivered throughout Great Torrington and the rural district. The content is provided by the community and local councils and is a combination of important local information, news and views, events, fundraising appeals and information on local businesses, amongst many other topics.  The Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity kindly supported the Crier with grant funding for many years, until it became mostly self funding.  During the Covid pandemic it became impossible to deliver copies using our usual door-to-door deliverers and volunteers, and so in order to ensure that important local information continued to reach our community, we chose to use the Royal Mail's door-to-door service.  We had to do this for 10 issues over the last year at a cost of nearly £8000. We are so incredibly grateful that the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity stepped in to provide grant funding towards this cost, the whole process was so quick and easy and it is wonderful to know that the Crier is so valued by this important local charity.’