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4 x 4 vehicle – Hospice Nurses

For many months our hospice nurses have needed a 4 x 4 vehicle, as over the winter months they have struggled to provide support to patients and their families, using their own cars. Thanks to the generous donation from the Torrington Town and Lands Charity of £3,000 we have been able to purchase a 4 x 4 vehicle. This vehicle will now allow our Clinical Nurse Specialists and Hospice to Home nurses to be able to visit patients and their families, in rural hard to reach places and during icy weather. In the last year we have made 4,821 visits to patient homes.

Being located in a vast rural area with many places that are hard to reach means now with this new vehicle our nurses know that they will reach our patients and their families. When someone is nearing the end of their life, the patient and their family members benefit hugely from having extra specialised support and guidance at a difficult time. Our hospice to home team travel the length and breadth of North Devon, visiting people at home, to provide round-the-clock care at the end of someone’s life. Having this new 4 x 4 vehicle will allow us to continue to be there for all our patients and their families. This can mean extra support for carers at such a difficult time; it can also mean that family and carers can have more opportunities to spend meaningful time with the person who is unwell.

As well as our Clinical Nurse Specialists and Hospice 2 Home team visiting patients at home. Patients also visit the hospice for Supportive Care sessions, such as 1 to 1 counselling, group counselling and complementary therapy sessions. We offer patients transport to these sessions and we have a bank of volunteer drivers who assist with transporting patients to the main hospice site for these sessions. The new 4 x 4 vehicle will allow us to ensure patients can still attend these sessions, reducing patient’s loneliness and isolation. Also ensuring that there is continuity with the care they receive.

The effectiveness of this project is being monitored by how much the vehicle is used and the locations that the vehicle is used in. We are also monitoring the qualitative feedback from the patients that we are able to help through having the 4 x 4 and how it is helping our Hospice to Home team to safely reach patients in very rural areas and in bad weather.