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The Trustees of the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity awarded a grant to the Crier:

 The Town & Lands Charity have received the following update:-

 ‘The Crier is published 10 times a year and delivered throughout Great Torrington and the rural district. The content is provided by the community and local councils and is a combination of important local information, news and views, events, fundraising appeals and information on local businesses, amongst many other topics.  The Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity kindly supported the Crier with grant funding for many years, until it became mostly self funding.  During the Covid pandemic it became impossible to deliver copies using our usual door-to-door deliverers and volunteers, and so in order to ensure that important local information continued to reach our community, we chose to use the Royal Mail's door-to-door service.  We had to do this for 10 issues over the last year at a cost of nearly £8000. We are so incredibly grateful that the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity stepped in to provide grant funding towards this cost, the whole process was so quick and easy and it is wonderful to know that the Crier is so valued by this important local charity.’

To Great Torrington Town & Lands Trustees,

We would like to thank you again for your incredibly generous grant last autumn towards the work of Allsorts Children’s Club. We also wanted to let you know that we have started meeting again on a Friday evening in person! We met with Angela Fleming (head mistress of the Bluecoat School) during Easter, and we were pleased that she said we could meet up again at the school after Easter! We have met for the past 3 weeks and have used the MUGA as the weather has been kind, although we are able to use the hall with the doors open. We have started with approximately half of our children (35) to get to grips with all of the Covid rules and restrictions and hope to open up the club to all of the children after 21st June! We continue to run the youth side work via Zoom as they do not go to the school in daytime, but again hope to meet in person after June.

It’s been lovely to be able to pick up where we left off some 13 months before and are very thankful for Zoom and financial help which enabled us to keep going.

Thank you Trustees – we are very grateful!

Karen & the Allsorts Team 😊

The Trustees of the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity awarded a grant to the Youth Genesis Trust (Ltd).


The Town & Lands Charity have received the following update:-

Torrington Youth Space Update – June 2021


"It's with great appreciation and thanks to the Trustees of Great Torrington Town & Lands that Youth Genesis is able to offer a range of life changing projects and activities for local young people. The funding will allow us to provide a series of activities at our Friday Night Youth Hub over the summer and autumn that will include sports and games as well as sessions around arts, crafts, music making, dance and drama. We will also be offering young people life skills around cooking, managing finances and gardening.

 The Friday Night Youth Hub, which takes place at Torrington Methodist Church and on the streets at various locations around town, is currently engaging just over 80 teenagers each week! Many of the young people Youth Genesis are supporting have struggled with their mental health following the Covid-19 pandemic etc.  Funding from Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity will help us to provide the right support as well as a dynamic range of positive activities.  

 For more information, please visit: https://www.youthgenesis.org.uk/location/great-torrington/


The Trustees of the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity awarded a grant to the Torrington Senior Citizens Club.

The Town & Lands Charity have received the following update:-

‘The first outing of the year was to Dorchester in May. The weather was hot and sunny. Some members went to the swannery and then onto the café for a good lunch. In June there was an outing to Padstow. Some members enjoyed a boat trip. In July there was an outing to Exmouth where again members enjoyed boat trips, picnics or a nice lunch in the town. In September there was an outing to Sidmouth, another fine day for a stroll along the sea front, shopping and looking around the beautiful gardens. In November there was an outing to Bristol for Christmas shopping. In December the Christmas Lunch took place at the Great Torrington Town & Community Hall where a fun time was enjoyed by all of us. There was an entertainer and a sing along etc’.

Distribution Day 2019 was held on Friday 6th December and was a very enjoyable and successful day for Trustees, staff and visitors.  On the day we gave out our highest number of vouchers to date totaling £15,580, several of which were kindly donated by recipients to our chosen charity - Torrington Community Foodbank.

Many thanks to the Great Torrington Town and Community Hall for allowing us to use the building, providing refreshments and to the many volunteers who assisted us on the day

The Trustees of the Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity awarded a grant to the Torrington Friendship Club.

The Town & Lands Charity have received the following update:-

Following your generous grant in March which helped towards a trip to Rosemoor and transport was kindly donated by Rotary cars. The grant will also help towards our Christmas lunch. Your grant is greatly appreciated and I do say THANK YOU on behalf of the Friendship Club’.

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