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History of the Distribution Day

The Great Torrington Town & Lands Charity hold an annual voucher distribution day. This is one of the most important dates in the Charity’s calendar.

The Trustees and staff attend the annual voucher distribution day in order to distribute vouchers to the Towns residents who qualify, such as senior citizens, long term sick and other categories. Only one claim per household is allowed.

  • The Distribution Day is seen as giving something back to the local community and is always a very rewarding day for the Trustees and staff.
  • The vouchers must be spent in local Torrington Shops with some exclusions. This helps to keep the trade in the town.
  • In December 2018 the vouchers given out were £20.00 (4 x £5 vouchers) per qualifying household and over £14,500 was handed out on the day
  • Under the rules of our Charity these vouchers must be handed out on a specific day and this custom has been carried out over hundreds of years.

The first charitable bequest was made in the 1600’s.

The money for this Voucher comes from gifts made over the years, some a very long time ago, some in recent times, for the elderly and infirm inhabitants of the old Borough of Great Torrington.
The Charity has been managed by a group of Trustees since the reign of the first Queen Elizabeth. Some of the benefits were originally given to treat Leprosy, to maintain the Bridges over the River Torridge, to repair the Parish Church and other good causes for the town.

Today, the Charity is administered under rules made by the Charity Commission. It provides local housing, the profits of which benefit local Churches, Schools, Arts and Leisure activities, numerous societies and others such as pensioners and those in need.